Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Views on Zimbabwe's Plight

Here are my personal views on this debate....

IMHO, I think, it is not surprising at all to see Robert Mugabe getting support from his people and beyond the borders of his country. Arguably, that is expected and in certain terms deserved. He has a legacy in the history of the nation/country and the continent and that is not small by any standards. Undoubtedly, he was at some point universally, perhaps still is and will be to some - accepted as a Father of the Nation, to the same/similar standards of the likes of Julius K. Nyerere or Kwame Nkrumah. It suffices to hint that, in African culture, and perhaps many across the world, one doesn't necessarily denounce their Father because they have gone "power bonkers" - as some may casually refer to - due to any reasons.

Nyerere once said, during Ghana's independence day, and I paraphrase, "great people do make great mistakes". No doubt, the great man Mugabe doesn't escape from this, as he is making and has made some great mistakes for the people he fiercely fought for and protect. I am more convinced than not, that what remains in many peoples' mind, I propose, will be the questions around leadership, and more so, where are the principles his movement (seemingly) fought for as they strove and struggled to get rid of the oppressing regime for new Zimbabwe?

Going by Dr. Alvin Masarira's narration on how ZANU's military wing recruited and won its support in getting rid of the Ian Smith's regime, this throws questions around the founding core principles of the movement then, as these gets exposed and tested when the going gets tough as is the current situation. Is it about whatever means to achieve an end? Anything goes? This perhaps provides some insights into the supposedly anomalies where we hear these types of leadership talking about the interests of "our people" but actually they mean anything else but the interests of the people. If the core founding principles are around the "people", hardly that should change to oppress the same "people".

More questions in the lines of: When are our African countries and leadership going to clearly start to unashamedly respect the will of the people, rule of law and actually genuinely educate our people from the grass root level, for the benefit of the our people and stop changing regimes based on some form of divide and rule mechanisms, or some new order simply to put new team in place to continue oppressions using same old tricks and techniques, forcefully denouncing anything that contradicts the rule of law and rules of the game so to speak?

When are we seriously going to unite and fight the real enemies surrounding us left, right and centre, which are mass extreme poverty, mass extreme ignorance, western world trade injustices/imbalances and, as some may refer to, corrupt oppressors supposedly learned "elites" of our societies? Those to me are the questions and we need to be able to deal with them in an "African Familyhood" fashion, which involves telling each other the obvious injustices and not avoiding the difficult questions. That way we will be building each other progressively.

The opinions may be equally divided whether one lives inside or outside Zimbabwe and/or Africa for that matter. The reality is, the people at the "front line" are the ones facing the real and practical challenges.

Until we have solid and robust legal frameworks, law and order embedded in our systems and way of life from the ground up across the continent, get rid and refuse to comply with divide and rule dossiers, and getting all nations championing around similar new causes, at a pace similar to the wind of change that swept Africa in the 60s, we are more likely than not to be witnessing the battles of the likes of the Robert vs Morgan or Mwai vs Raila for some time to come, even though all these struggles may not necessarily have the same history in the making of their respective nations.

Who else is on the pipeline?


Temu, A.B.S


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