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Excellent Message from Ex Tanzania Premier on Graft in EA

What if the campaigns were geared to give real autonomy and authority to the PCBs of East Africa?

Good call there from the Premier on how really effective are these probing commissions. The public tends to get excited (as if it were a football game) and completely forgets the mission and reasons for investigation in a first place - as if we were hypnotized as it were

What is happening now to the Tanzania Richmonds, Kiwiras, EPAs etc?? - am sure the commission members of the likes of Mwakyembes and Zitto will indeed be doing their jobs or have done as per remit and scope given (TOR) , but how effective are these commissions, really?

No one has appeared to any court of the land in relation to these now seemingly "supposedly alleged" allegations! Why there are no charges and perhaps there ever will be any convictions? How much money do these commissions cost? Are all the people in our countries ignorant or can be fooled or taken for granted this far? Or perhaps get "disturbed" as it were when these questions are asked? What any good does it serve us as a whole when one lives in a Mansionate and there are no drainage systems to ones place or your next door neighbor struggles to afford one meal a day or their 2 year old child dies as they could not afford health care costs? What good does that serve anyone in the society in the long run? Perhaps it the time the activism was geared towards strengthening and giving real authority and autonomy (in theory and practice) to chosen public institutions. The grassroot could perhaps effect the change to the top via this route.

Strong and accountable institutions, with real teeth is what could help us get to the bottom of these grand corruption practices. This is a huge cultural problem!

Temu, ABS

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Ex-Tanzania premier tells of graft in EA


Posted Wednesday, August 20 2008 at 19:46

In Summary

* Despite political rhetoric by leaders, efforts to fight corruption in the region have not succeeded
* There should be less of commissions and task forces and more work by the anti-corruption agencies
* EA anti-corruption bodies are autonomous by law, but in practice they are heavily influenced by the executive.

ARUSHA, Wednesday - Former Tanzanian prime minister Joseph Warioba warned here today that corruption was rife in East Africa and that it poses a serious governance problem.

He said despite the political rhetoric by leaders, efforts to fight corruption in the region have not succeeded while the chances of doing better are not clear because of interference by the executive.

He suggested that instead of forming commissions and task forces to find cures to corruption, the EA governments should strengthen their anti-corruption agencies to make them more effective.

Mr Warioba, who was giving a key note address at a Regional Workshop on Strengthening Public Accountability in EA, said commissions formed to investigate corruption cases have done little.

He noted that the commissions of enquiry were normally established as a result of activism in parliament and pressure from the media, describing parliamentary activism as simply power play.

The former PM added that MPs normally become vocal on the vice not because they want to eradicate corruption but because they want to change the leadership so that they in turn occupy the government.

"Sometimes those who used corrupt means to get elected become the ones most vocal and whey they gain power they become very corrupt" he pointed out. Mr Warioba, who himself headed the famous Warioba Commission established by former Tanzanian President Benjamin Mkapa upon taking over power in 1995, said commissions formed to investigate corrupt cases in the region consumed a lot of public money.

He told a workshop organised by the Kampala-based Kituo cha Katiba that the war on high profile corruption should be intensified by strengthening the anti-corruption agencies with more independence and autonomy.

There should be less of commissions and task forces and more work by the anti-corruption agencies. It is possible a strong anti-corruption agency would have done much better in the Goldenberg and Anglo Leasing cases in Kenya" he said. Similarly, he said, a good Inspector General of Government in Uganda would have done much better in the Global Fund case in which $ 148 million were misused than a commission.

"In Tanzania, a strong Prevention and Combating Corruption Bureau (PCCB) would certainly do a better job than a task force" the former PM and respected lawyer suggested.

Moral authority

Mr Warioba, who served as Prime Minister from 1985 to 1990 and Attorney General 1975 to 1985, said the anti-corruption rhetoric often made by political leaders in EA lacked moral authority. "In most cases it is intended to achieve something like regime change. A political party will campaign on an anti-corruption platform using corrupt means in order to stay in power or defeat their political opponents.

"Once in power, corruption continues or even increases" he told officials of the civil society organisations, anti-graft agencies and academic institutions in the region at an Arusha hotel.

He further noted that although the anti-corruption bodies in EA were autonomous by law, in practice they are heavily influenced by the executive. "They are small in size and they are supposed to concentrate on grand corruption or what is defined as corruption.''

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Public Lecture by Professor Mahmood Mamdani

Darfur: The Problem and the Way Forward


Tuesday 19 August 2008 (4:00 – 6: 00 pm)


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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Mwamko wa Kizazi Kipya!

Wakati kizazi cha zamani kikizidi kutopea katika usingizi mzito wa usahaulifu wa historia, kizazi kipya kinazidi kupata mwamko wa kifikra wa hali ya juu kuhusu historia ya mapambano ya kudai haki na usawa. Kizazi hiki kinachojulikana kama kizazi cha 'doti komu' kina fursa ya kupata ufahamu na taarifa kwa kasi ya ajabu kutoka katika vyanzo mbalimbali. Wadadisi wa mambo wanaamini kuwa hiki ndicho kizazi kitakachotuletea ukombozi wa tatu kama alivyopenda kuuita Mwalimu Julius Nyerere. Kwenye picha ni baadhi wa watoto na vijana wa kizazi hiki walioandamana jana kupinga kupanda kwa nauli ya wanafunzi kwenye vidaladala kwa 100%.

Kulikoni? Lo! Ule msemo wa 'asili huchukia ombwe' sasa unadhihirika waziwazi! Ombwe la madaraka ndio hili linaanza kuzibwa na utashi wa asili wa mwanadamu aliyesongwa na kuchoshwa na hali iliyopo! Tuikumbuke Sharpeville! Ole wetu tusipozisoma nyakati hizi za wakati! Mungu ibariki Tanzania! Wabariki na watoto wake!

Karibu kwenye ulingo wa kutafakari kuhusu tunapotoka,tulipo,tuendako na namna ambavyo tutafika huko tuendako/Welcome to a platform for reflecting on where we are coming from, where we are, where we are going and how we will get there

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