Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fare-Thee-Well Tajudeen Abdul-Rahim

"I din't know him personally - thought will meet him in the Mwalimu Nyerere Intellectual Festival where he was supposed to be in a roundtable discussion but somehow he couldn't make it - but its always saddening when I hear this happening to the finest sons and daughters of Africa. May comfort sojourn with his bereaved family. May consolation encompass his cristfallen comrades. And may all those he inspired while alive and those he will inspire from now onwards take a baton from him and keep fighting the good fight for the emancipation of Africa and its Diaspora. AMEN - THAT IT MAY BE SO!"

- Chambi Chachage, Dar es Salaam

"This man was so pasionate about the continent. Without cynicism,he was so in touch with daily struggles of the ordinary people. Just out of luck, I started reading Dr Tajudeen's newspaper articles during my secondary school days in early 2000.The humour ,seriousness, human picture and satire with which he passed across his literary messages have since made me think that I knew him personally. That thought that we were friends with this intelligent and resourceful son of Africa made me proud and stable in my pursuit for information on what really affects the grass root human beings as they struggle for comfortable lives.

Tajudeen,RIP,-but the thing is that you live on."

- Orton Kiishweko, Dar es Salaam

"Oh what, a blow! He was such a refined intellect, who spent his life working for Africa. I first met Dr Tajudeen as a Freshman at University, during our study circles where he was invited to give a speech on African Unity, with focus on the Congo Crisis. At that time, the Rwandan troops and Uganda troops were bombarding each other in Kisangani, with Prof Wamba dia Wamba held up in a small hotel being defended by Ugandan troops, while Zimbabwean and Angolan troops were dug in a few kilometers accross the Mighty Inga Dam and lined all the way up to Kinshasha, proping up the fragile DRC's Kabila regime. The Great Lakes Region was at War and Africa at a brink of collapse. He made such a motivating speech about the 'senselliness' of the war, droping a line about revolutionary ideology here and the vagaries of war there and a pint of humor combined with old African sayings here, that left all of us after the session inspired and proud to be Africans.

"The last time, I met him was at the White Sands Hotel, during again another regional conference on Peace and Conflict Resolution in Africa. He was the chair and the conference brought together people like the Frenchman Gerard Prunnier and others who had distinguished themselves in tracing and understanding the root causes of the conflicts in the region. The focus of this was the Conflict in Darfur. Dr Tajudeen, painfully left his Pan African Movement Office in Kampala to take up another position as coordinator for the Millenium Development Goals (MDGs) - Another noble cause for a noble. Since then, he was a regular guest speaker at Straight talk Africa, where I always listened to his analyses with Admiration.

"It is sad that he has died at a time when there is great debate in regards to whether the rich countries have done enough to ensure poor countries meet the targets of the MDGS. I am not sure what he was doing in Nairobi, but I will not be surprised if it was yet, another meeting for an African Cause! We will miss him, we can only seek solace in the victorian saying:

"'When strong men die, it is only their bodies that die. Their spirit lives on for many years long before they are gone.' Dr Tajudeen was a strong man, his body is dead but his spirit will leave on. My condolences go to the Widow and the Children-May God bless them."

- Moses Kulaba, Dar es Salaam


Brilliant May 27, 2009 at 3:55 AM  

What a sad loss!! Africa mourns!! I first met Dr Tajudeen in 1997 when I was part of the young and exuberant group of Pan Africanists; School of African Awareness, a group from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. He gave a moving public lecture at the Bulawayo Art Gallery. Dr Tajudeen Abdul-Rahim was a fine scholar of notable attributes. No doubt a fantastic intellectual. A marvel to listen to whenever he spoke. I recall that in my last communication with him, his was a message of encouragement on the need for more knowledge for the good cause of Africa. Indeed, an Academic and intellectual soldier for the African cause has been lost. This is the greatest form of robbery by death! Dr Tajudeen's contributions will be greatly missed.
My condolences to the family. RIP dear brother!
Brilliant Sigabade Mhlanga

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