Wednesday, May 27, 2009

On FemAct Statement on the ongoing UFISADI

Fellow Netizens

I guess it is about time, shall we say to pull our sleeves and get to work, get our hands dirty? No doubt it is time to say this (to grand corruption and the malpractice) is ENOUGH!

Most of us are still merely cheer leading the front line fighters - the likes of Slaa etc - from a distance and also distributing and disseminating, as we see it all unfolding, a call for action in the making perhaps, by the people, from the people, from the grass root, with our mothers and sisters at the lead, once again! Mwalimu once said, he made a deliberate choice, to leave the "politics" of complaining, and have a direct engagement to the issues of the day!

Hope is a great weapon for many, and we can't afford not to keep it alive. This is, this could be, this can lead to, what I may refer as, the second calling, the Declaration of Reclamation of Tanzania Independence!

With a listing and strong will denouncing of all that led to the delivery of failed hopes, all sins and grand corruptions as committed by various people in the positions of public authority, the failing of the government institutions and leadership to be seen, to be doing what is needed for the people, by the people, this could be, this can lead to, the second calling, the action for all, for the Declaration of Reclamation of Tanzania Independence from the network of corrupt practices

My salutes to FemAct and others for making this significant step.



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