Saturday, July 3, 2010

Commentary on: 'Why the issue of Independent Candidates was at the heart of Mwl. Nyerere'

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Frankly speaking, the subject of Independent Candidacy does not require much expertise than simple reading of our current KATIBA.

Any person who can read to understand - not mere reading, read to understand, will clearly figure out what the KATIBA states and what is required now to remedy the status quo. Here Mwalimu Nyerere's position holds water, BIG time!

With regards to the Powers the Presidency has, indeed, that requires the changes to the serving current constitution to ensure the check and balance works favourably to the nation, to the country and not the 'ruling group' of the time.

One point that has been used from Nyerere's time until now is that our young Nations need powerful Presidency to take the country forward. Good example will be if the Presidency of the day came up with some brilliant ideas that were to be implemented, that were not popular, that will be painful to take in the first days, yet the rewards are massively beneficial to the nation, those powers could be used to achieve the desired end. Whether that happened, is happening or to the contrary is true, one can leave that to the sensible people of the day to make up ones mind!

The people of this nation today are progressive, smart, articulate, tolerant, peaceful and well informed in the current issues of the day, completely different from 50 years ago.

Our Leaders of the day, from all organs of the state must be careful to ensure they mostly if not always, reflect what our nation has become of today. The society yields Leaders who are like them. If this equation falters, one side of the equation will always have to change as for the equation to remain valid. This is not any person's law. This is one of many laws of nature that anyone who fights against is assured to loose, and loosing one looses in a BIG way!


Apollo TEMU


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