Saturday, July 3, 2010

Commentary on: EAC Common Market Protocol

Some of you will be interested in the attached

Many people will have many views on the subject, and also on the current Administration in Tanzania. Some of these views many of us may agree and many of us may not agree.

Irrespective of the position taken, this to me I see it as one tangible achievement for the current Tanzanian Administration to have had an opportunity to steer this East African initiative, happening under their watch and Leadership.

It is not unexpected for the small prints to have short term pros and cons, but one theme remains, that we are forging towards a united front as Africa, and EAC is one of the blocks towards that - though I remain proponent of Nkrumah's approach, an opportunity that was, in my view tragically missed in the early years.

I have shared my views in some of previous discussions online that a United Africa, as far fetched dream as it may currently seem to some, to the Global positioning as a reality, the direction and aspired position of a United Africa, is not a choice, it is mandatory for African Partner states if we are to achieve and retain any useful economic position and power in global affairs now and in future as we move on within this 21st century.

That is the vision and direction as Africans we must not loose focus and for that East African Common Market milestone achieved to date is a highly commendable achievement, credit to the Tanzania Administration, Partner States Administrations and East African population should be tremendously proud of.


Apollo TEMU


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