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Philosophy Conference in East Africa 2010

18 - 20 NOVEMBER 2010

As the Conference Organizers, we are happy to inform you that we are preparing for the another Philosophy Conference in East Africa to be held at Blue Pearl Hotel in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania on the mentioned dates. This conference is a continuation of the Philosophy Conference in East Africa – Towards Critical Thinking, Professionalism and Democracy – event held at Regency Park Hotel (Dar es Salaam, 18 - 20 November 2009).

The theme of this year's conference is:


The topics include, but are not restricted to:

1. Philosophy in Africa today
2. Philosophy in Civic Ethics
3. Philosophy and the Youth
4. Unity and Religious Diversity
5. Global and International Justice
6. Issues of Transitional Justice
7. Human Rights from a Global Perspective
8. Philosophy and the Law

We invite applications from interested individuals who wish to participate and present a paper on any of the topics above. Please indicate the provisional title of your talk in your application. Applications should be sent to phatahq@gmail.com by 30 September 2010.

The Conference fee is USD 200 per participant which will cover – breakfast, lunch, evening coffee and stationeries for three days. Participants will have to cover their own accommodation and transport expenses. Conference fee should be deposited to PHATA account at CRDB BANK-UDSM BRANCH, A/C NO 01J1089241000. For those who wish organizers to arrange their accommodation at the Blue Pearl Hotel should inform us for further arrangements.
For East African participants with no institutional funding:

We are currently negotiating funds to cover some of the expenses of those participants who are unable to secure funds from their own institutions. Should your participation depend on us providing funds for your attendance, please notify us on your application.

This Conference is hosted by the Philosophy Association of Tanzania (PHATA) in collaboration with: The Philosophy Unit, University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania; Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies -University of Nairobi, Kenya; Department of Philosophy - Makerere University Uganda; Mores – Research Project /Social and Moral Philosophy -University of Helsinki, Finland.

We look forward to receiving your applications within the given deadline.

With kind regards,

Alex Manonga
Chairperson -PHATA

For general enquiries, please contact:

Alex Manonga
Philosophy Association of Tanzania
c/o Philosophy Unit,
University of Dar es Salaam
PO Box 35042 Dar es Salaam
Tel. +255 75 460 2489
Fax. +255 22 241 0648

Annamari Vitikainen
Social and Moral Philosophy
Dept. of Political and Economic Studies
University of Helsinki
Tel. +358 50 415 4933
Fax. +358 9 191 29273

Following the Philosophy East Africa Conference held in Dar es Salaam on 18 -20 November 2009, it was proposed during the Conference that there should be established national organisations within East African States that would stimulate growth and development of philosophy in the region.

I am happy therefore to inform you that, for the case of Tanzania, the Philosophy Association, has successfully came into being, officially, on 24 February 2010.It currently operates under the Philosophy Unit, University of Dar es Salaam.

The following are some of its objectives:

- To bring together different scholars for the purpose of building foundation of philosophy in Tanzania
- To exploit the opportunity of scholars being open to new ideas more than at any other time before, and to appreciate their importance in building a just and equitable society .
- To provide an opportunity for young thinkers to grow by exposing them to wide range of issues.
- To conduct and participate in research carried out on issues related to philosophy.
- To encourage and assist where necessary students to study Philosophy.
- Assist the government and other development partners on provision of civic education to create more awareness on philosophy of democracy, human rights, rule of law and good governance to youths.
- Develop and promoting African philosophy by encouraging use of Kiswahili as language of learning Philosophy.

I hope to receive your suggestions and, or support for the achievement of these objectives.

Thanking you in advance

Yours truly,

Immaculate Dominic
Secretary General


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