Thursday, November 18, 2010

Introducing a New Course on Pan-African Thought at the University of Dar es Salaam

The College of Arts and Social Science is pleased to announce to all university students a new course on Pan African Thought. The course begins this semester, i.e. November 2010.

Name of the Course

AS 220: Pan-African Thought and Practice I: The Roots of Pan-Africanism

Course Units


Course Objectives

• To expose students to Africa’s balanced history;
• To account for the decline of Africa’s once record-breaking civilizations;
• To inculcate into students a sense of pride and confidence on the one hand and self criticism on the other, both of which are essential in order for Africa to realize socio-cultural and economic development

Additional Information

The course is offered in two parts, part one (AS 220) is offered in semester I, and part II (AS 221) is offered in the second semester. The course is elective (optional), and limited to only 100 students.

AS 220 will be taught as a complete course with its own modules and grading process; it will, at the same time, be considered a starter for AS 221. That is to say, a student will have to take both courses so as to acquire the intended values and skills.

The course will be taught in an intellectually rigorous fashion with an interdisciplinary approach. Lecturers from different disciplines, including outside social sciences and humanities, will be recruited to teach it. Whenever possible, guest lecturers from outside the university or the country will be invited.

Who is Eligible?

All undergraduate students, from second year and above (i.e. third year and fourth year students etc.)

Note: The course is open to all university students and from all fields of study. It is not limited to social sciences and arts students.

Where to Register?

Register online as you do for other courses


There will be two lectures per week
Monday 12:00 Yombo 3 and Wednesday 08:00-09:00 Yombo 3

The first lecture starts on Monday 22nd November 2010

For further information contact:

The Course Co-ordinator: Ng’wanza Kamata, Office No. 409, Tower Block
Or write to


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