Friday, December 10, 2010

Whither Successive-cum-Cyclic Rise and Fall of Africa, Euro-America & Asia in the Global Stage?

Two recent articles have attempted to look again at this old question on power succession and domination in the global stage. The first one is using the Tordesillas moment to argue that the current superpower, i.e. the US, is being overtaken by China and India just like the way it overtook Russia/USSR and other European countries. Then the other one picks a baton from Jared Diamond to assert that geographical shifts explains why the West, that is, the North or Euro-America, is ruling the world but only for now. This debate is relevant to Africans in the current context when, after 50 years or so of Africa's independence, we are still wondering when shall we rise again - or to use Psalm's language, when shall we soon stretch out our hands? One leading African(ist) scholar has recently posed the following question which can help us look at the Long Duree and figure out our rise/fall: "Or was the Eurocolonial century just a short chapter in millennia of African history?" If indeed Euro-American capitalism - and its triplets: slavery, colonialism and imperialism - is only a short bracket in the history of human civilization, as Samir Amin asserted early this year, then surely in the long run there must be another historical cycle such as the one that saw the rise of great African civilizations. We have been told by champions of African Renaissance that Africa's time has come - the current century/millenium. What are the (cyclic) odds of this eventuality in relation to the current global configuration that seems to be shifting back to China and India again as it was way back in the heyday of Dhow Cultures of the Indian Ocean?


Karasai Waika December 16, 2010 at 9:14 PM  

Well, it seems that slavery--immoral, industrial unpaid manual human labor--was not taken into consideration in either article. And, as according to the second article, while geography and the human obligated dependence on nature is probably the most ignored factor in regards to development and progress in industrialized countries--man's perception is guided through his dependence on the land, coupled with his relationship with others. Whenever one considers Afrika, one must consider the wealth of the land and the culture. The impact of the 'triplets' upon the human in Afrika as well as the land, not only damages/alters the relationship between the human and the land (esp when millions are violently taken from a land to another land), the relationship between the human and the human becomes altered (esp when millions are violently taken from their families and societies). So, is China and India dividing The West to devour it in the spirit of the Pope's mandate to Spain and Portugal? What is the relationship between the Indians and 'their land' and the rest of humanhood? What is the relationship between the Chinese and 'their land' and the rest of humanhood? 50 years of independence, mostly sham independence, and we are 'asking when shall we soon stretch out our hands?' Nations rise and fall, but there is no time limit set for rising and falling. There are signs/symptoms of a rising and falling nation...and that is where the axiom may be used of looking deeper into history to see the future (sankofa). Not the time, but the events...that is what history is. The idea of competing for this "Rule"ing status is another topic. Afrika has had many 'great' empires. It is up to the Afrikan to determine Her standards, and the shape of Her greatness. As man goes to the outer space in search of resources in order to compete in inventions and technology for consumption, there are areas that have not been tapped right here on earth--right there in Afrika. Perhaps Afrika's future will call for a different type of weapon, new methods of study, new subjects of studies, and inventions and technologies that will thwart Afrika ahead or cause other nations to adapt/adopt Afrika's trend. The true/moral goal is not competition--as is the actions of today's 'great nations,' but world progress through development by the use of natural resources wherever they may be, creating a better human experience for all human beings (which is the pretend logo for occidental form of democracy).

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