Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Flowering Lessons from a Friend in Alinga Farms

Hibiscus Sabdariffa

Harvesting Hibiscus

Drying Petals

Final Product
These photos were sent as a New Year Message from Alinga Farms in Uganda. The friend who send them, Norah Owaraga, always talks so passionately about this 'remote place' and the need to spend our time and energy in the villages that nurtured/educated us. In her recent AfricanEssence article 'Every Little bit counts...even mushrooms!' she thus describes the farms project which started as a mere intervention to meet her immediate family needs:

Today, Alinga is in full flight as a demonstration farm whose objective is to initiate disadvantaged households in Pallisa district into farming for business. It promotes the growing of highly nutritious foods with high financial value and which do not require large chunks of land to grow, such as oyster mushrooms, Hibiscus Sabdarrifa ["from which a caffeine free herbal drink can be derived"], oranges and honey.

Tis indeed hight time we curb internal rural-urban brain drain by giving, if not going, back to our villages!


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