Friday, February 25, 2011

Honoring Our Departed Intellectuals: A Species Named After A Tanzanian Professor

A number of our great minds have gone unnoticed even in our Wanazuoni Forum. For instance, Prof. Ernest C. Njau, that forecasting maestro as this CV of his attests, died recently and one can hardly notice a public eulogy. It is thus touching to read the following honor bestowed on Prof. Said Kapilima and it is my hope that we will document the works of all these doyens who have attempted to help Tanzanians make sense of their world:

"An ancient cat-like crocodile ... has been discovered in Tanzania...The creature...has been named Pakasuchus kapilimai, meaning “Kapilima’s croco-cat”. “Paka” means cat in Ki-Swahili...“-suchus” comes from the ancient Greek for crocodile, and the species name “kapilimai” honours the late Professor Saidi Kapilima, of the University of Dar-es Salaam, a leader of the project that made the discovery" - Mark Henderson on Newly discovered ‘croco-cat’ provides link to Earth’s convergent evolution in The Times (05/09/2010)

Posting this does not mean in any way that I subscribe to the evolution theory that purpots that this world/earth is millions of years old.


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