Sunday, March 6, 2011



By Gwantwa Kasamala

Hello good people,

Today I went to visit a few families in Gongolamboto with some friend's and I have to say the situation on the ground is heartbreaking.

I believe that we can all do and play however little a part in rebuilding and restoring. A lot of the families have lost everything but they are still thankful and hopeful for everything even though they have lost much. We can not sit back and wait for our government to not do anything even though they have promised to help.You can tell by their stories that they are traumatised still.

Guys the makeshift tents some of them live in, for those whose houses were completely destroyed, are made of cloth and when it rains they get wet and it rained last night. There was a young girl in one of the houses we visited whose legs were broken. She is in form 4 now but she can not attend school as she doesn't have the use of her legs and her dad has to carry her everywhere. The family told us that the government paid for her first visit to the doctors but now she needs follow up treatment and physiotherapy every week which the family has to fend for themselves. They do not have transport. They leave a couple of km from the main road where there is transport(about a 20 min to half an hour walk) and even then transport is a problem.
Another family whose house was completely burnt lost everything.........all their savings and prized possessions. The family is of 8. The man had taken the responsibility of looking after his brother's children after his brother passed away. The mother was in the process of building a school. She had saved money and was working on final stages of buying some land and starting construction but all that money got burnt in the fire and now they have nothing. But there are also people who are in the hospital who need our help............if you haven't donated blood then make a plan to and get your family and friend's to.

So Ameli and I were thinking maybe we can do something.........create awareness...........raise some money...........donate clothes/bedding/building material.......sponsor one of the kids.........just do anything to help because this is our responsiblility as a people and we can not just turn a blind eye. Remember the families in your prayers.

This is just the beginning, some of the families have a long road to rehabilitation and recovery.

We'll be in touch good people..........we are counting on you.

God bless

Remember "It is the greatest of all mistakes to do nothing because you can only do little - do what you can"

"Sometimes our light goes out but is blown into flame by another human being".

Vivere senza rimpianti


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