Thursday, March 24, 2011

Scientific Journal Articles on Loliondo 'Cure' Tree

Read the following collection of scientific journal articles on the said tree with respect to this quotation from Rose Shija (NPO-EDM,WHO) in regard to the first article below: "Please find herewith attached some information on the plant being used in Loliondo. Plants from this genus have been used traditionally in Africa and other parts of the world to treat a variety of disease conditions. The genus has also already been studied and various chemicals extracted and tested for their medicinal properties. The plant in Tanzania is Carissa edulis. It is also found in Kenya and KEMRI last year did a study and isolated some compounds which have antiviral properties. NIMRI and the Traditional Medicine Institute are now working on it too. I hope that more African research institutions will be supported to do further studies especially on the identified compounds to make 'medicines'."


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