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Centre for Human Rights Promotion - CHRP
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PROSTATE CANCER: A Need for Support!

Tanzania 50 Plus Campaign: Literacy, Advocacy and Support Initiatives is a unit of the Centre for Human Rights Promotion – CHRP. The primary goal of the Campaign is to reduce the sufferings and deaths caused by prostate cancer.

PROSTATE CANCER: Prostate cancer is the most common form of cancer found on male mammals only. The victims of this cancer are male who are about and over 50 years old. It causes the second highest number of deaths amongst men diagnosed with this cancer (lung cancer first). For general population, a man in his lifetime has about a 16% chance, “One man in 6”, of being diagnosed with prostate cancer; 3% chance (1 in 33) of dying from prostate cancer. Prostate Cancer kills one man every 13 minutes. Of all men diagnosed with any kind of cancer each year, twenty five percent have prostate cancer. “Prostate cancer has no social boundaries” says Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

TANZANIA SITUATION: The former Minister of Health and Social Welfare Prof. David Homeli Mwakyusa was quoted saying that, “only 10% of patients suffering from various types of cancer have been registering in the hospitals for medical check-up and treatment. The remaining 90% have not made any effort to attend medical check-up”. When it comes to prostate cancer, Prof. Mwakyusa said, “We don’t have statistics on prostate cancer. But from general observations it seems the disease is affecting many people” and that “prostate cancer causes many deaths in the country because of lack of sensitization to the sufferers”. (ThisDay Tuesday 7 April, 2009 p.6).

OUR TASK: Tanzania 50 Plus Campaign responds to the above observation by intensifying education and awareness on prostate cancer to the public. The campaign believes that if people get informed about the disease - its risk factors, warning signs, the benefits of screening, the outcome will be men turning to hospitals for yearly screening and for those detected early get treated – “Prostate Cancer is Curable With Early Detection”. We also do advocacy and support to improve treatment and care for prostate cancer victims.

A NEED FOR SUPPORT: As the work expands Tanzania 50 Plus Campaign needs all supports possible. Bellow we submit our needs for support on the following select areas:-

1.0 Production of awareness materials: This year, 2011 we have targeted to print 1,000,000 copies of mainly Swahili prostate cancer brochures. Since the genesis of Tanzania 50 Plus Campaign, brochures have proved to be useful tool to educate our people on prostate cancer and what in entails. One copy costs 20 Cents USD.

2.0 While brochures are our main request, we extend also an optional request to produce “Prostate Cancer” campaign paraphernalia which include posters, t-shirts and caps. 300 posters @ USD 1.5 per poster total USD 450; 300 t-shirts @ USD 6 per t-shirt total USD 1,800 and 300 Caps @ USD 2 total USD 600.

3.0 Emergency Relief fund: There is a need to have funds which can be used for treatment subsidies for prostate cancer victims. It costs about USD 600 to cover for surgery. In order to encourage friends, relatives and family members to make a contribution, emergency relief fund would at least make a USD 200 contribution. A USD 10,000 will go a long way.

4.0 Tanzania 50 Plus Campaign Building: We are planning to build a one story building to office and provide hospice services to recuperation prostate cancer survivors. The building will cost USD 150,000.

Contribution can be made by wire transfer:

Bank name: CRDB Azikiwe Branch Bank
Bank address: P. O. Box 268, Dar es Salaam, TANZANIA
Postal code: 255
Our account name: Centre for Human Rights Promotion – CHRP
Account number: 01 J 1027311100

Inform us of your contribution so that we can acknowledge and issue receipt respectively.

We invite you to join and support this life saving campaign. Together we can save lives. We belong together, we need each other. We are the world, we are the Children. Saving lives of Tanzanian men from prostate cancer is saving our own lives!

For more information on our campaign visit www.google.com and search Tanzania 50 Plus Campaign.

Help for Prostate Cancer Patients in Tanzania

Dear readers,

I have been in regular email exchanges with Reverend Canon Emmuel Kandusi, a fellow prostate cancer patient with advanced disease, who has been the impetus for Prostate Cancer Awareness and Support in the African nation of Tanzania.

Recognizing that likely a majority of men in Tanzania are without financial means to pay for testing and/or treatment, please consider a donation within your means to the Tanzania 50 Plus Campaign.

Right now, the most often administered treatment to Tanzanian men diagnosed with prostate cancer is an orchiectomy to reduce testosterone from fueling the cancer growth. The reason: lack of income, lack of sufficient money for anything else. Even an orchiectomy in Tanzania costs 600,000 TZS which would be equal to $400.00 U.S. dollars. I know this archaic, but it is at least a method of trying to rein in Prostate Cancer in men with little means to afford anything more. When Reverend Canon Kandusi sought ketoconazole accompanied by hydrocortisone for his advancing cancer, the medical facility had no idea what he was talking about. This is the challenge to Reverend Canon Kandusi – to not only provide Prostate Cancer Awareness to his country, but to both educate the men and medical community of his country regarding Prostate Cancer as well as to help the men of his country with the expense of treatment. He would like to be able to offer even more, but without sufficient income through donations, there is little more he can do.

Please consider a donation, no matter how small. You could be the difference between life or death of many men in this African nation.

Please note:

One U.S. dollar or one Australian dollar is equivalent to approximately 1500 Tanzania shillings (TZS).

One Canadian dollar is equivalent to approximately 1562 TZS.

One British pound is equivalent to approximately 2450 TZS.

One Euro is equivalent to approximately 2168 TZS.

Just a few dollars, pounds, or Euros in donations can go a long way in helping Reverend Canon Kandusi and his campaign.

Charles (Chuck) Maack/Prostate Cancer Advocate/Mentor

Wichita, Kansas Chapter, Us TOO

Biography: http://www.ustoowichita.org/leaders.cfm?content=bio&id=1

Email: maack1@cox.net

Chapter Website "Observations": http://www.ustoowichita.org/observations.cfm


Nutritionist July 27, 2012 at 1:59 PM  

This is so Funtastic, I really appreciate your efforts. The prostate issue is a big thing now in Tanzania. I am in Mwanza and I usually help people with such issues so anyone can contact me just in case of any assistance. gibbsmadangwa@gmail.com

jo July 29, 2014 at 12:47 PM  

Congratulation UDADISI and TANZANIA AT 50 for this very vital initiative. Even with medical treatment of various types of cancer it is important to note that strengthening our immune system is the best way to combat cancer cells and if you are already a victim the best way is to change body cellS from Acidic to alkaline state and supply enough oxygen. no matter what stage of cancer is it the cancer cells must die if you do this. there are very simple means to do so.for more info check me through my email. nyande24@gmail.com

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