Saturday, September 24, 2011

President Kikwete "no prophet is accepted in his own country"!

"...This extensive - and expensive! - commitment to Africa was now going to be rewarded with a visit by the President of one of the continent’s credible, performing, and responsible states...A sombre email from Professor Rutherford announced that President Kikwete had had to cancel his scheduled trip to Canada due to the ferry mishap that claimed about 200 lives in the Zanzibar region of Tanzania...The ties that bind set in. The ties that bind us to a common backcloth of humanity set in. The ties that reduce us and diminish our collective humanity with every life meaninglessly lost set in. Your heart contracts under the weight of empathy and sorrow. You feel for Tanzania. You feel for Tanzanians. Another 200 lives lost in Africa. Oho, the tableau of bad news from Africa! Your sorrow ultimately gives way to the instinct for details. The urge to comb the internet, to comb Tanzanian newspapers online, suggests itself as a natural course but a deep, dark suspicion inhibits you. Suspicion? No, make that fear. Fear inhibits you from scouring the internet for details. Fear of the truth that you suspect you will discover. You freeze in front of your computer screen, unwilling to happen on how the Tanzanian authorities are handling that national disaster. It will only lead you to the tyranny of comparison. No! You dare not dig too deep into how the Tanzanian authorities are handling the tragedy [...] The tyranny of comparison? You try to escape it but it is too late. It is the eternal damnation of the Nigerian. Because our country, Nigeria, is an old [...], we are afraid to let people mention dry bones in our presence. Blair Rutherford’s email announcing the cancellation of President Kikwete’s visit to Canada and Carleton because he just lost two hundred citizens is already a preliminary pointer to how the Tanzanian authorities are handling the crisis. And Blair’s email, unknown to him, inevitably points you to Nigeria. To how the Nigerian authorities would have handled that national tragedy. Or how they would not have handled it"- Pius Adesanmi on
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