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Award winning investigative journalism on bioenergy issues in Tanzania

1. Background

The Land Rights Research and Resources Institute alias HAKIARDHI is a national level civil society organization that works towards promoting a socially just and equitable land tenure system in Tanzania through active engagement with other players on land rights issues. The media is one such actor that performs a vital role in enhancing the public’s knowledge base and capacity to act/ react on land rights and related human rights concerns. For the past six years, bioenergy issues received pronounced attention both locally and globally and the media was at the centre stage to inquire, analyze and broadly disseminate to the public a wide range of issues from land rights and livelihoods of communities to climate change mitigation initiatives. HAKIARDHI has, during this period of time been part of the local interventions to advocate for the Tanzanian communities rights to land, labor and livelihoods in the context of bioenergy industry development and this is considered to be a continuous undertaking.

Opportunity is hereby being given to Tanzanian journalists who wish to join us in this noble obligation to undertake personal exploratory studies that will unveil the current status of bioenergy industry development in Tanzania. We are especially interested in practical issues and real stories such as the jobs created/lost, environment conserved/depleted, biodiversity restored/lost, land transferred/de-gazetted etc. The journalist is also expected to ponder out issues related to other resources rights like water, grazing land, residential areas and all other land with high conservation value –HCV in rural areas. In all the aspects, critical assessment should be made on how the small producers livelihood systems are affected, value of the bioenergy industry to the development agenda of the small producers/local communities and the contribution to the energy sector and climate change mitigation in general.

2. What to do?

Interested journalists have to write a brief concept note stating what they know about the whole concept of bioenergy, deduce it to the Tanzanian context, problematize the subject (raise issues that are worthy inquiring) and suggest methodology(ies) they would employ to come out with workable assignment. This includes establishing the modes in which communities can better engage with the current wave of investment in bioenergy without compromising their tenure and livelihoods rights. The concept note can be in either language, which is English or Kiswahili. After careful scrutiny of the concept notes and active engagement with the writers, three successful journalists shall be selected on merit basis to do the tasks as shall be mutually agreed.

3. Award

Three best concept notes shall win an award of three million shillings (3,000,000 Tsh) which shall be used by the journalists to undertake their studies in the span of one month (30 days). HAKIARDHI shall incur no extra cost in the modality to be mutually agreed as well. Applicants are thus required to attach a budget for the Tsh. 3mil for their own internal control purpose.

4. Deadline

Shown hereunder, not later than seven days from the date of this advert i.e 2nd November 2011 at 00.00hrs. Winners of the award will be contacted within seven days after this deadline to start their tasks immediately.

Contacts: THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR- HAKIARDHI P.0.BOX 75885, DAR ES SALAAM e-mail; info@hakiardhi.org

FOR FURTHER CLARIFICATIONS PLEASE CONTACT MR. GODFREY MASSAY OF HAKIARDHI via massay@hakiardhi.org, copy to; myenzi@hakiardhi.org .


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