Thursday, March 29, 2012

Remembering Justinian Rweyemamu

Today I saw this entry in Issa G. Shivji's(1996: 253) book on Intellectuals at the Hill: Essays and Talks 1969-193: "Rweyemamu, Justinian A brilliant Tanzanian economist who taught at the Hill and at one time was the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Science. He was taken to the State House as an economic adviser to the President. He did not survive there long and left for some UN post. He died of cancer in New York". Incidentally, a young admirer whom I happened to meet and chat with about Rweyemamu has just written a very interesting eulogy that is accessible at http://vijana.fm/2012/03/29/justinian-f-rweyemamu-a-wealth-of-knowledge/. Now I am more than inspired to actually read Rweyemamu's 1971 PhD dissertation in its original form - ironically prior to its publication as a book in 1973 it was tellingly entitled An Industrial Strategy for Tanzania.


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