Monday, July 30, 2012

Lake Nyasa/Malawi: Nyerere versus Banda

"That was in 1960. 1961 we became independent. 1962, early 1962, I resigned as Prime Minister and then a few weeks later I received Dr. Banda. Mungu amuweke mahali pema. I received Dr. Banda. We had just, FRELIMO had just established itself here and we were now in the process of starting the armed struggle. So Banda comes to me with a big old book, with lots and lots of maps in it, and tells me, "Mwalimu what is this, what is Mozambique, there is no such thing as Mozambique". I said "What do you mean there is no such thing as Mozambique". So he showed me this map, and he said "That part is part of Nyasaland. (It was still Nyasaland at that time) "that part is part of Southern Rhodesia, that part is Swaziland, and this part, which is the northern part, Makonde part, that is your part." So Banda disposed of Mozambique just like that. I ridiculed the idea, and Banda never liked anybody to ridicule his ideas. So he left and went to Lisbon to talk to Salazar about this wonderful idea. I don't know what Salazar told him...So those three, the delegation of the Masai, led by the American missionary, Banda's old book of maps, and the Ogaden, caused me to move that Resolution, in Cairo in '64 [that Africa must accept the borders which we have inherited from colonialism, accept them as they are]. And I say, the Resolution was accepted, two countries with reservations, and one was Somalia because Somalia wanted the Ogaden, Somalia wanted Northern Kenya, Somalia wanted DjiboutI" - JULIUS K. NYERERE'S 'REFLECTIONS' IN HAROUB OTHMAN'S (2000) EDITED BOOK ON REFLECTIONS ON LEADERSHIP IN AFRICA: FORTY YEARS AFTER INDEPENDENCE pp. 20-22


Anonymous July 30, 2012 at 5:25 PM  

Aise Chambi.. nawezaje kupata hiki kitabu maana nadhani kitakuwa na very interesting issues.. Masozi Nyirenda

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