Sunday, November 4, 2012

Enterprise Maps of Ghana, Ethiopia & Tanzania

"An Enterprise Map of Ghana, written by John Sutton (LSE) and Bennet Kpentey (Sync Consult) the second book in a series which profiles the industrial capabilities of selected sub-Saharan African countries. The book seeks to fill the gap in information that tells us where Ghana is and where it has come from in terms of its industrial capabilities. Click here to read more about the event and to download a free copy of the book" -

"AN ENTERPRISE MAP OF TANZANIA: In the first decade of the new millennium, Tanzania's gross domestic product doubled in real  terms, making it one of the handful ofsub-Saharan economies that have shown strong and  sustained growth inrecent years. This growth was, moreover, broad based, with manufacturing output growing slightly faster than the economy as a whole. To maintainthis rate of growth  over the next decade, Tanzania's industrial capabilities will need to advance in a quite  substantial way. Thefoundations for this advance lie in the current capabilities of Tanzaniasindustrial companies. The purpose of this volume is to set out a detailed description, industry by industry, of those capabili-ties. 208pp, UK.INTERNATIONAL GROWTH  CENTRE.2012 9781907994074 Paperback GBP19.99" -


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