Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Debate on 'Why Nations Fail' Rages On

Taking a class co-taught by the co-author of Why Nations Fail has been one of the most difficult and depressing, albeit rewarding and reinvigorating, experiences. Coming from Tanzania one should have indeed not expected a course on 'Comparative Historical Economic Development' to splash scatterplots and ran regressions on the success of  'Sub-Saharan' Africa relative to Western Europe, North America or even East Asia. Thanks to twitter, I stumbled on the debate that is raging on after the publication of a couple of critical reviews of the book. Brief as they are meant to be, these pieces and their responses make an illuminating - and ironic - read. You can access them via the hyperlinks below.

China, India and All That by Daron Acemoglu & James Robinson

Response to Jeffrey Sachs by Daron Acemoglu & James Robinson

I can hardly wait to read reviews from African economists and economic historians - of course I am thinking of the likes of Thandika Mkandawire, who wrote The Intellectual Itinerary of Jeffrey Sachs.


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