Sunday, January 27, 2013

Col. (Retd) Simbakalia Foresaw Mtwara Uprising?

"Mtwara Region is poised to become the new growth pole of Tanzania, based on the exploitation of world class resources of natural gas and industrial minerals. Local communities do not have a skills base which would immediately qualify its people to be considered for employment in the new start-up mega projects. Therefore, without deliberate and planned interventions by Government and other stakeholders, the high trajectory growth envisaged to take place in Mtwara region will exclude local population and create an atmosphere of resentment and animosity to investment in the local communities" - Col. (Retd) Joseph Leon SimbakaliaRegional Commissioner of Mtwara, on The Role of Regional Administration and Local Government in Influencing Inclusive Growth Strategies: The Case of Mtwara Region 


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