Monday, January 21, 2013

Tweets from a Meeting with Professor Wamba

  • We are not activating our imagine if we only rely on western references and thinking.  
  • When we always speak about the state the literature n reference is western, that is basic mistake   
  • It's not the question of what punishment should we give corrupt leader is the frame of their mind that need to shape
  • The guardians the people should not be partisans 
  • Am afraid of what is named to be food, nutrition is key! 
  • The food of the slavery were more nutritious than the food of the slave master
  • The leadership should have at the back of their mind the core mission of improving the condition of the people 
  • "We once went to electricity dam,all villagers around it doesn't have electricity,that is not social protection" 
  • "Our leaders doesn't want to accept they are leading people, they don't want to listen to people demands" 
  • "We should have creative solutions to the critical problem, not finding a way to fit in the problem" 
  • Political commitment is direct to useless thing,the budget of the security of the head f the state is bigger than the security of the nation
  • People should not be tired up to a particular foreign language

  • Finland who in invented Nokia speak their local language, what is wrong with Swahili? Why should we feel we will be left behind?
  • National language should became official language, no one should be privileged because he/she knows colonial master language

  • How could you tell a child what is our country position in the world while they don't even know their village position in the country
  • Congo with 70 million people receiving development aid from a country with only 5 million people, something is wrong!! 
  • The power of millions brains if they all work and communicate properly is tremendous power,what if they are led with people who don't think?
  • In Congo kingdom they only have 4 days in a week, they have their own organization of time? Have we wondered why 7days a week?
  • "Leaders of today protect their power from people not nation of the people"-   
  • It start we "No one should be slave" to "Be nice to your slaves"
  • Amazed by wisdom and intellect of Prof Wamba Dia Wamba
  • "We have to reconnect with nature"- Wamba

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