Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Invitation to a Reading by M.G Vassanji

Invitation to a reading of 'The Magic of Saida', by M.G Vassanji, at Melmoz, on Sunday 21st April 2013, at 6.00 p.m.

Dear Friend
I am pleased to inform and to invite you to a reading of 'The Magic of Saida' by MG Vassanji, on 21st April 2013, at 6.00 pm, at Melmoz, in Kawe, in Dar -Es-Salaam. ‘The Magic of Saida’ is M.G Vassanji's latest novel and is a new, complex and magical treatment of themes familiar in Vassanji's writing such as multiculturalism, Tanzania, Canada, India, migration, settlement, leaving, returning and longing for things, places and people past. 

M.G. Vassanji is an author with a rich heritage. A Canadian of Indian extraction, he was born in Kenya, an alumnus of Aga Khan Boys School (renamed Tambaza) he was schooled and raised in Tanzania, he lived in a flat in Dar-Es-Salaam on the famous Uhuru Street- after which a short story collection of his is named, he was trained in nuclear physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology -before switching to his first love, literature, and establishing himself as a renowned author, after a brief spell working in a nuclear physics laboratory in Canada.  He was the first author to win the most prestigious Canadian literary Giller Prize and the first to win it twice- among numerous awards that have been bestowed on him. Thus there is a rare confluence of cultures and influences in MG Vassanji, who has probably written more works of fiction based on research and experience of Tanzania than any other author.

Your presence, as a cosmopolitan bibliophile diverse intellectual pursuits, would be an honour. Your participation would be invaluable in enriching, enlivening and informing the event. Naturally, if you would like to come with a 'kindred spirit' who shares an interest in literary matters, you are welcome to do so. 
Melmoz is near the Lugalo Golf Club and is best approached from Old Bagamoyo Road- more detailed directions are in the post-script below.
Please confirm your attendance.
Looking forward to hearing from you, 

Best regards,

(English and Swahili Communications Adviser) 
P.S. Directions to Melmoz: After Kawe Mlalakua bridge,take a left turn into Avocado Road, as though heading to Lugalo Golf Club, then take a natural left turn and then a natural right turn. When you reach a T-junction, turn right and Melmoz is 200 meters straight ahead.


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