Thursday, August 8, 2013

Fwd: [TzECA] : Patrick Rweyongoza, Glasgow University Alumni , Mhadhiri wa UDSM Auawa kwa Risasi Jijini Dar es Salaam

Thanks to Mpoki for sharing with us this very sad development.

TzECA and Friends

It is very sad for anyone to loose life and more saddening for such a young person and in the manner reported ! Where one knows the person it gets the message home much deeper. I see he even attended the sessions during Balozi Peter Kallaghe's first visit to Glasgow around March 2011 as per attached photos!

Patrick Rweyongoza, we as a Community and Tanzanians, Glasgow University and no doubt your closer friends and family members will miss you ! What a loss to such a young age ! It is my hope those people who delivered this fatality will face justice, even though we know so well you can never get back to us in the same form and accomplish and fulfill your role that you had here with us ! May your soul rest in peace !

For those closer to the family, please convey our collective Tanzania Community, Friends and Supporters greetings of condolences to Patrick's family and certainly to the University of Glasgow Community for this tragedy as occurred in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.

Apollo TEMU

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From: Joseph Paschal MUGASA
Date: Thursday, 8 August 2013
Subject: [TzECA] : Mhadhiri wa UDSM auawa kwa risasi jijini Dar es Salaam
To: Apollo TEMU
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Dear All

I am really saddened and speechless, Pat was like my young bro in my
times in Glasgow. What a loss ? was planning for PhD in Glasgow later
this year. Attached are some of his photos from my bank.



On 07/08/2013, Apollo TEMU  wrote:
What a waste ! Very very saddening !

Mpoki - do we have any photos of him by any chance ?

Thanks for alerting us. What a terrible week for our community ! May his
soul rest in peace ! Imagine the pain his family will be going through !


On Wednesday, 7 August 2013, Mpoki Mwaikokesya

Nimesoma taarifa ya kuuawa kwa Patrick Rweyongoza aliyesoma Glasgow
University toka Jamii Forum. Kama taarifa hii ni yakweli basi inasikitisha


Postgraduate Research Student, School of Education, University of Glasgow


Anonymous August 10, 2013 at 7:56 AM  

Nina masikitiko makubwa kusikia habari hii ya kuchukuliwa kwa roho ya msomi aliyekuwa anayeabuka. Mwenyezi Mungu aiweke roho ya marehemu pema peponi.
Mohamed Yunus

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