Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Using the Internet to Inspire with Gloria Mangi

Congratulations are in order! Google has named "Africa’s top 20 innovators" who are using the "Internet to change lives" and our very own Gloria Mangi @Gloriaous is one of them! More than 2,000 entries competed in the Google’s Africa Connected Competition and Gloria's @AfricanQueensP emerged as one of the semi-finalists!

"Gloria Mangi, Tanzania, African Queens Project (http://africanqueensproject.com). Gloria created a Google website to promote her community upliftment project, which celebrates African women who are doing significant things to give back to their community. Her site shares successful African women’s stories via blog posts, audio clips, and videos" - http://www.ybl.co.za/google-names-africas-top-20-innovators-using-internet-to-change-lives/


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