Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Vicensia Shule: Kanumba & Film Making in Tanzania

"Guest researcher Vicensia Shule will spend her time at NAI studying the life and work of Tanzanian film actor-director and producer Steven Kanumba. He was an extremely popular and productive director, despite being only 28 at the time of his death in 2012" -
"On the surface, the movies are simple stories about relationships and sex. Perhaps that is why the films and Steven Kanumba achieved enormous popularity.... If one looks more closely, the films portray masculinity in Tanzania and its problems. He also gave voice to the poor at the lowest levels of society. It was they who primarily bought his DVDs. However, all the new Mercedes Benzes and luxury villas in his movies give evidence of a connection to top levels as well, Vicensia Shule says" -


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