Thursday, October 2, 2014

Out: Stains on My Khanga

I am so so soooo excited to announce that STAINS ON MY KHANGA, my second book, a collection of short stories and poetry is finally done and out!

It will be available for online sales at by the end of the week, while in our bookshops in Dar es Salaam it will be available as of Wednesday, October 08, 2014.
Please follow the following social media tags for updates - Hadithi Media on Facebook and on twitter @HadithiMedia - as well as me on twitter @sandraamushi. Also follow
Look out for book signing news, availability of audio and e-copy versions as well as the shops where hard copies of the book will be sold, from the links.
Do make noise about this and tell everybody – to buy it and read it - using hashtag ‪#‎StainsOnMyKhanga on twitter. We want this to be a best seller, so I am counting on your support! Meanwhile, share this, tag people ... just make a whole lot of noise! 5,000 copies must be sold in a blink of an eye!
I hope you will enjoy reading it and I hope I have done you proud!
I look forward to your support!


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