Thursday, December 4, 2014

Launching: "One Month Date" - 5 December 2014

One-month date is a movie about the changing structure of family and marriage in urban spaces of Tanzania created by Kileleni Production. Of recent, there has been an increase of divorce rates and birth of children out of wedlock among people between the ages of 20s to 40s. This has resulted in an increase of single parenting  phenomena at a young age as reported on media (Daily News, 2009) and various government documents (RITA, 2005  to 2013). 

Despite this new trend, the majority of parents would wish to be married. While it is easy for men with children  to get married, it is difficult for a mother with more than one child to get married. Understanding the role of both parents to child wellbeing, it is important to address dynamics that women with  children face in starting new relationships. This movie then is about a divorced woman of 34 years of age with two children who is about to start a relationship with a successful young man of 34 years of age who is childless. The movie is written to tease out relations and marriage issues in Tanzanian communities aiming to address society biases. It is created to show personal discrimination that those mothers carries on themselves as well as discrimination and biases that men, friends and families hold towards them.


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