Sunday, November 22, 2015

Farewell Comrade Sam Moyo

"Our friend, comrade and brother, Sam Moyo, passed on just a couple of hours ago. He was involved in a terrible car accident in Delhi on the night of 19th November... I am totally devastated. We have lost one of our great comrades, utterly committed, most unassuming scholar and an absolutely decent human being. What more can I say!" - Issa Shivji (22 November 2015)

"Thanks comrade Chambi. It was good to see you after so long! Cheers" - Sam Moyo ( 25 June 2015)

Sam Moyo contributed to the cause of agrarian reform with a deep commitment to social justice and activism.

Prof Sam Moyo. A towering academic, researcher & writer. A Fearless thinker, independent minded & very warm human being. Our very Own.

Africa has lost another greatest thinker/scholar/intellectual activist: Prof Sam Moyo is no more. May his soul rest in peace!

Am saddened to hear about Prof Sam Moyo's tragic passing in Delhi after an accident, Zimbabwe has lost a fine son, mwalimu wa walimu MHSRIP

Prof lent a measured voice to the Land Reform debate in Zimbabwe. MHSRIP

Any being active in the positive education & upliftment of a ppl is worthy of reverence. Rest In Power Prof Sam Moyo

Sad to hear of the death of Prof Sam Moyo A humble academic and beyond.MHDSRIP

Many sons of the soil pass on in Zimbabwe without seeing the freedom they worked for. Sam Moyo .

"An unimaginable loss has happened. Our phenomenal intellectual pan African giant on land issues, Professor Sam Moyo, has died following injuries sustained during a terrible car accident in New Delhi, India. We are in disbelief. We are waiting for him to come home. We feel ripped apart with pain. We grew up following you in our townships. We nicknamed you Sekuru 'Chimusoro', the one with the very big head. All our parents wanted us to be exactly like you....Our great tree that bore so much fruit. Yes we would laugh, but you would steer us to talk about the thing that mattered most to you; and even if we did not know it then, to us. How to fully reclaim the land that was stolen by the colonial forces....Throughout your life, you carried your intellectual smarts with so much ease. In the beginning we would all look at each other unable to write down some of the big words and theories you used. And yet you persisted. Sharing your knowledge with us, crafting an epistemology around land and agrarian rights. Together you showed us why land was a critical resource for women to have ownership and control over....When we tried to call you Prof, you would smile and say, 'vafana vangu, ndinonzi Sam - my youngsters, I am just Sam.' It didn't matter that you had 'eaten many books' as the saying used to go. You would listen to our elementary theories, nurture us with love and suggest, 'let's write a policy brief on this subject. That's how we will change the world'....Thank you for giving us so much of you Sekuru Chimusoro. Siyabonga Moyondizvo. We will forever carry you in our hearts. Broken as they are by your untimely and devastatingly painful death. Alone, so far away from the homeland you fought so hard for" - Bella Matambanadzo: An Ode in Memory of Chimusoro Sam Moyo


Anonymous November 22, 2015 at 2:44 PM  

Rest in peace Prof Sam. My thoughts are with you Beatrice.

Ever Novice November 22, 2015 at 6:36 PM  

R.I.P dear Sam Moyo. Sam breathed his last, early this morning in New Delhi, battling for life after a major car accident. We've lost a friend, comrade and a great mind and being who stood for all advance of Africa, the South and the World. Sandeep Chachra

Natasha November 22, 2015 at 7:45 PM  

A beautiful human being and comrade, My we remember him always and continue the great work and contribution he made to our continent.
-Natasha Shivji

Natasha November 22, 2015 at 7:50 PM  

A beautiful human being and comrade, who will be incredibly missed. I hope we remember him always by continuing his work and the immense contribution he made to this continent. -Natasha Shivji

Elizabeth Kawonza November 22, 2015 at 7:51 PM  

Rest in Peace Prof Sam Moyo, an old friend from Highfield. It us indeed a tragic loss for his loved ones, family, friends and Zimbabwe. Sincere condolences to his family.

Godwin Dube November 23, 2015 at 5:17 PM  

R.I.P. prof.

Anonymous November 24, 2015 at 8:07 AM  

I finally had the honor to meet him a couple of months ago. As many had previously told me, he was a humble and warm person. His work and commitment to agrarian change and reform will be remembered. A severe loss to Africa and the world. Sam, rest in peace. Your work must continue.
Rob Compton, Oneonta NY

Phil O'Keefe November 26, 2015 at 4:25 PM  

I knew Sam before Indepeendence. I worked with him on land, energy and forestry issues. My abiding memory of him is his open, radical, good natured approach to life. He was a true geographer, driven by the empirical evidence that landscape meant lifescape and that lifescape was built by bias in race, class and gender. Not my judgement, but one of his doctoral examiners left the room after questioning Sam about his doctoral thesis, obviously on land in Zimbabwe. "It was like asking Bismark about his foreign policy" was the judgement. What a loss felt around the world.
Phil O'Keefe. Newcastle, UK.

Gacheke Gachihi November 28, 2015 at 6:25 PM  

Tribute to
Prof. Sam Moyo son Africa we lost a great intellectual fighter

Sad to hear the news of death of Prof. Sam moyo sadly through a twitter notice, that happened in India 21/11/2015, a great intellectual of the global south. Sam moyo was professor of the poor I had opportunity to meet him in Nairobi and during Mwalimu Nyerere intellectual festival 2009 in Dar university and then again we linked up in Dakar Senegal in 2011 during the World Social Forum , where we had debate and discussion on struggle of social movement in Africa with peasant perspective in Zimbabwe and challenges of under development of social movement in Africa with comparative analysis with Latin America.
Profesor Sam Moyo was down to earth Pan-africanist organic intellectual who always was in solidarity with youth and willing to mentor, young social justice activist, We had opportunity as members of grassroots social movements in Kenya in to 2009 to have intellectual grounding with Prof. Sam Moyo at Pan- African Hotel together with Prof. Horace Campbell and Dr. Willy Mutunga the Kenya Chief Justice, Where Prof. Sam Moyo encouraged his friends Horace Campbell and Willy Mutunga to expose us the young intellectual activist to scholarship that build on the line of social justice and activism in order to broaden our world view in struggle for social justice, in global south,
With humbleness comrade Sam shared with me a plate of delicious roasted chicken wing with fatherly solidarity love and comradeship as part of intergenerational inheritance of social struggle in Africa, the memory will live with me in my lifetime as great human compassion and solidarity values that embodied profeesor Sam Moyo intellectual life , for him food as in Africa traditions was ritual of solidarity and comradely love .
Comrade Sam Moyo as his students called him was father of agrarian struggle and peasant social movements in global south and Africa, We have lost a great intellectual fighter.... Prof. Sam Moyo was embodiment of struggle of global south against neoliberal hegemony His memory will live with us today and in future struggles no.. tears comrades let continue with line of Prof. Sam Moyo our hero of peasant struggle and Social justice the organic intellectual from South..! ... Aluta Continua.
Gacheke Gachihi

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