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At last the 'Clinton-Symbion-MCC' Truth Comes Out

Both the print and social media are abuzz with 'new' revelations about Symbion, MCC and Clinton in Tanzania. 'Yours Truly' cannot help but recall the passages below in an article on Udadisi that was published on 18 December 2014 and republished in The Citizen on 11 January 2015. It seems 'the truth' is at last coming out.

Well, it all about access to power and information. The then US’ Secretary of the State and a presidential hopeful, Hillary Clinton, knows this very well. When she visited Ubungo in 2011 this is how she put it: “We believe in partnership, and we believe in competition. You heard Paul say that when MCC put out the bid to build power lines across this country, a lot of companies competed. But two American companies won. We are very proud of that because we, frankly, want more American companies competing for business in Africa. And we are going to take that message back to America, and urge them to get out here and compete for these foreign projects.”

And the Physics I was taught in Azania and Tambaza High School tells me that power is about pressure. Clinton also knows this. Little wonder she thus concluded her Remarks at the Symbion Power Plant in Ubungo: “So, I don't want to put a lot of pressure [on] Symbion and Pike Power, and on the linemen and the government, but this is important for everybody. If you do it right, we are going to go and tell that story across the world.”

Yet the pressure is mounting as the following excerpt from the MCC Statement on Board of Directors’ Discussion of Tanzania at the December 2014 Meeting: “MCC takes seriously all of its country partners’ commitments to combat corruption. At today’s meeting, MCC’s Board expressed continued concern over corruption in Tanzania, including the implications of the recent case involving Independent Power Tanzania Limited (IPTL). The Board noted that Tanzania has experienced a significant decline over the past seven years on the key indicator measuring efforts to control corruption. While the Board voted to allow Tanzania to continue working to develop a compact proposal—given its passage on MCC’s policy scorecards and its strong previous performance as an MCC partner—the Board stated its expectation that the Government of Tanzania must take firm, concrete steps to combat corruption before a compact is approved. Further, the Board voted to continue MCC’s engagement with Tanzania with the understanding that, in accordance with the Tanzanian State House December 9 statement, the Tanzanian government would act promptly and decisively on the late November parliamentary resolutions regarding IPTL. The Board also reaffirmed more broadly that Tanzania must undertake a series of previously agreed upon structural reforms to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and transparency of the energy sector, and more generally to deal with wider corruption.”

In a way it partly, albeit significantly, echoes Obama’s following remarks at Ubungo: “So Power Africa embraces this [Public-Private Partnership] model. Public and private resources will be matched with projects led by African countries that are taking the lead on reform. In this case, African governments commit to energy reforms. And the U.S. is committing some $7 billion in support, and private sector companies have already committed more than $9 billion. And this is just the beginning -- because we look forward to even more companies joining this effort.”

 But as the soon-to-be outgoing President, Obama was/is probably in a hurry more than Clinton: He thus also remarked: “Now, in order for this to work, then we all have to feel a sense of urgency. One of the things, Mr. President, that I learned around the business roundtable is if we are going to electrify Africa, we’ve got to do it with more speed. We can’t have projects that take, seven, eight, nine years to be approved and to get online.  If we’re going to make this happen, we’ve got to cut through the red tape, and that can only happen with leadership like the leadership that President Kikwete has shown.” 

Isn’t the message clear? Away with ‘Ugly Malaysians?’ Enter ‘America the Beautiful’?
Below are some of recent tweets on the 'new' revelations:

Carson email kwa Clinton: "(you participated in an Embassy organized, MCC supported Symbion event during your visit to Tanzania in June),” 

Email of aide Carson to Hillary: "Our Embassy thinks highly of Symbion’s work" - @RevKishoka @Islam_Dar @JamiiForums ... Emails zinanoga 

@MariaSTsehai @bmachumu @Islam_Dar @JamiiForums Its a puzzle they cant Solve,Symbion=Dowans= Richmond

Now reading: Emails Reveal How Far Clinton Was Willing to Go to Promote Ex-Ambassador's Interests | VICE News 

@ThabitSenior @MariaSTsehai @nyambane2015 @bmachumu It's obvious from this piece that Symbion benefited from indirect Clinton relationship.

"Symbion hired Wilson in June 2009 and paid him $20,000 a month, according to court documents" 

Months after Wilson contacted Clinton abt Symbion, MCC granted it $100 million in contracts to provide power to Tanzania. MCC Chair -Hillary

@MariaSTsehai Another article from Africa Intelligence claimed last week that Symbion has failed to raise money for #Tanzania projects


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