Friday, March 25, 2016

When is Judging a Book by its Cover Okay?

"See this bizarre&embarrassing cover image of a recent bk from Tz. A fisher boy eyeing high rise on 2nd St. New York!" - @IssaShivji


"It is just a parody of poverty and pandering to an intellectually poor view of prosperity" -


"Giving an overview of the book earlier, Dr Bashiru Ally from the UDSM and one of the writers of the book, said the book is written with a strong desire of helping the government and all Tanzanians, so they can turn the corner towards economic prosperity" - Rose Athumani via Daily News


"Presenting the book, Dr Bashiru Ally from UDSM said for the country to mark off poverty, leaders must push for higher standards of education, performance and integrity. "We need a strong and visionary leadership with achieving attitude to ensure transformation process, for it is hard to realize the objectives if people are disorganized", he noted. Dr Bashiru also emphasized the formation of long-term and sustainable socio-economic plans to which all leaderships should adhere regardless of their time succession" -



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