Thursday, May 26, 2016

Public Dialogue on Un-Silencing African History

Join Soma in  Commemorating Africa Day with a Public Dialogue

Date: Saturday, 28th May, 2016
Time: 1000hrs – 1300hrs
Venue: Soma Book Café
MAIN SPEAKER: PROF. WAMBA DIA WAMBA, a renowned Historian and Scholar.
The dialogue intends to bring out intergenerational perspectives on ‘academic violence; collective intellectual; culpable erasure; and deliberate omission of African history by scholars’ and engage young on the ‘complex linkages between historical knowledge and our collective freedom’.
The scope of the discussions is threefold
  •  To make sense of the relevance of Silence in African History today: what is silenced, why and why should we care? This is in the context as well that this seminal book was about to be shredded by its publisher—because it is a ‘slow moving item’
  • The agency of today’s youth—what do they know that inform their actions? From what sources? Is it enough to help us chart a liberated course for the future of the continent?
  • What makes a writer of Jacques Depelchin’s caliber? Are they celebrated and recreated beyond their generation? Under what conditions?
In brief, Prof. Jacques Depelchin analyzes in depth the influence of capitalism on the continent, in relation to various historical events through the centuries. He castigates those whose only vision of Africa is through the eyes of colonialism, and systematically erodes misconceptions about Africa and the nature of the Black man which have taken on the status of history.
Free Books available to all participants—courtesy of the author [you may wish to donate a small amount of money to facilitate postage to schools and regional libraries]. For those who wish to have a brief look at the book prior the day of the event you can drop by Soma and get your copy for Free.
For more information contact: 0712568699 – Jasper Kido; 0673014071 – Paulina; 0718484142 – Lilian.
Directions to Soma: You take your 2nd right – as if coming from Morocco to Mwenge just before the Bayport building (previously the AAR junction). But if you are coming from Victoria/ Mwenge heading wards Posta, it is your 1st left past the Victoria bus station. Thereafter you’d take your 1st left, soon after you finish the Sunrise Children School, few steps ahead then you take another left (you will see a road sign – Mlingotini Close). The last house on the right is Soma.
Kindly share with your network and observe time.
Karibu sana!
Jasper "Kido" Sabuni
Programme Manager 
E&D Readership and Development Agency (SOMA)
M: +255-712-568699/ +255-673-014071
ADDRESS: Mlingotini Close, Plot Number 53 Regent Street - Mikocheni A, Dar es Salaam

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