Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Good/Bad Muslim => Conciliatory/Hostile Islam?

As we mourn the loss of lives of our fellow humans in Istanbul once again we ask ourselves heart-wrenching questions. Below is an attempt from Professor Mbogoni to answer these soul-searching queries. Far below are some tweets that reflects our divided opinion about what Professor Mamdani once posed in terms of the 'dichotomy' of 'Good Muslim, Bad Muslim'?

I pray that your journey through Istanbul’s Ataturk Int’l Airport will have no mishap. That said, I could not resist to respond to your email much as I have tried to stay out of any dialogue to do with Islam as “a religion of peace” vs “radical Islam” as an essentially terroristic religion. Here is my take about the quandary we are in and why.

In my book entitled *The Cross vs The Crescent* (Mkuki na Nyota, 2004), I share the view by Taha Muhammad Taha, the late Sudanese cleric and Islamic scholar, that the Qur’an has two messages, one which is conciliatory and another which is hostile to nonbelievers. These two positions are generally synonymous and reflective of the revelations given to Muhammad in Mecca (the conciliatory/Islam as a religion of peace verses) vs. those revealed in Medina (non-conciliatory to the infidels, verses which are used to justify radical Islam).
The tweets that you shared reflect this dichotomy of the Qur’anic revelations, i.e. tweets that condemn and emphasize on the non-conciliatory nature if Islam vs. those that emphasize Islam being a religion of peace. It is interesting to note from the names of the tweeters that those of Christian persuasion subscribe to the former position while the Muslims subscribe to the later position. Why is this?

First, you will never, and repeat, never hear a Muslim accept the idea of two messages in the Qur’anic revelations, one of peace and one of warfare. Taha Muhammad Taha paid with his life for adamantly maintaining that this was the case. Worse, no Muslim will dare criticize the Qur’an or the Prophet Muhammad. If you don’t believe me, find out what happened to Mama Sophia Kawawa.

Second, in the Western world (and probably other parts) it scares the hell out of many people to think and let alone visualize a scenario that Islam is at war against Christianity. Yet, how many people know about the Islamic division of the world into Dar-al-Islam and Dar-al-Harb and that when Muslims cannot successfully wage war against the infidels they must abide their time?

Third, as my compatriot Charles Makakala is wont of saying, it depends from what vantage point you view things regarding the violence perpetrated in the name of Islam. Those who disclaim terrorism and its perpetrators as un-Islamic and insist that Islam is a religion of peace subscribe to the Meccan conciliatory stance of the Qur’an vs those who claim what they are doing is in the name of Islam and legitimize their actions by the non-conciliatory revelations of the Qur’an which emphasize violence against the infidels.
I don't care how many Muslims condemn the #Istanbul Attacks! I want 2 know how many Muslims condemn their Prophet 4 encouraging these acts.

*Attack on a Muslim country* "Muslims are terrorists. We need to stop Islam." Nice logic people. #PrayForTurkey #Istanbul

#Istanbul Another attack from the "religion of peace"...

how many more attacks on Muslim countries is it gonna take to make people realize that terrorism has no religion #Istanbul

Immigration will bring this here. You can't extend religious freedom to a religion tht doesn't reciprocate #istanbul

A message to everyone who utilize religion to kill innocent people .... No religion justifies killing ~ #Istanbul

Can we stop pretending yet that the world doesn't have a radical Islam problem? #Istanbul

#Istanbul  Terrorism has nothing to do with Islam.We condemn this act of brutality. 

All these people saying terrorism has no religion. Except 99.9% of the acts committed are in name of Islam. #Istanbul

We will keep saying Islam is not responsible, and this will keep happening all over the world. #Istanbul

Our hearts go out to the victims of this vicious attack on the innocents. The enemies of humanity are enemies of #Islam, Period. #Istanbul


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