Saturday, November 26, 2016

Castro Came to Tanzania: Karibu na Kwaheri Fidel

A Tribute by Richard Mabala:

Oh my, 
My heart is shaken
Trembling beneath the crash of another mighty tree
It stood firm for so long
Withstanding tempests no other could stand
Protecting, sheltering,
Nurturing so many
As its branches spread out far and wide
Withering only in the face of age
Gnarled in body 
But still inwardly strong
Only age could conquer him
And now it has
Another hero gone
Another inspiration
Taken from us
Like Nyerere
And so many others
Hamba Kahle camarada
Buen viaje
Safiri salama
We are poorer 
Diminished without your presence
But still we rejoice in your life
Enriched by your work
Strengthened by your example
Not victory or death
But victory despite death
A luta continua

Statement of Cuba/Tanzania Friendship Society on Commandante Fidel's Death:

The Tanzania/Cuba Friendship Society wishes to convey our heartfelt condolences to the people and government of Cuba following the death of the beloved historic leader of the Cuban Revolution Commandante Fidel Castro Ruz. We have been aware of and followed with great concern comrade Fidel's  failing health for a long while since 2006 when he underwent a major surgery. Although he was not in direct control of Party and State affairs,his physical presence in the background Cuban scene was like a bright star shining and providing light and guidance to the political,socio-economic trajectory of the heroic Cuban society.    

Now that he has passed away that star has inevitably dimmed but not faded away completely.For he has bequeathed to history and generations an enduring  lasting legacy in the form of his exemplary intellectual capacity,dedicated selfless leadership and inspiring revolutionary credentials.He leaves behind a potent lesson and a message to all struggling humanity against indignity,exploitation and social oppression to firmly adhere to steadfastness,resistance and unwavering commitment to principles.His nemesis western and US imperialism in particular as expected has greeted his death with euphoria and a sense of infantile celebration.We know they will as usual continue to use their mainstream media to lie,distort,cover-up the pernicious effects of US economic blockade on Cuba and other anti-Cuba wrong-doings (including the 600 criminal assassination plots targeting Fidel) as well as slander his personality while denying his achievement in ensuring the sustainability and survival of the Cuban revolutionary project despite the unrelenting hostility of the US empire.   

The Tanzanian/Cuban Friendship Society solemnly calls on the Cuban people to hold high Fidel's banner and spirit of eternal combat against injustices spawned by the born-again neo-liberal predatory capitalism as we join hands to mourn the physical demise of the indefatigable son of Cuba comrade Fidel Castro. Patria O Muerte, VENCEREMOS!





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