Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Contribute to Soma Children's Storytelling Hub

"The multimedia hub will contain an interactive storytelling and gaming area endowed with a library with physical books, e-books and learning and fun computer games and apps. The aim is to enable children to learn by play and tease out their potential and develop skills for storytelling using various media. The facility will also have a studio where children can create and record their own audio books and an outdoor playground to provide a child friendly environment for physical activities with social cohesion and learning function. The need for a children’s multimedia storytelling hub was identified with the help children who have participated in our programmes within the Café and in our community outreach projects where we strive to develop children managed reading and writing clubs. While we have already demarcated the space and installed the basic infrastructure, funds raised will help us brand, furnish and equip the multimedia library, studio and playground. This will go a long way in helping us achieve our goal to create a wonderful area where children can explore the wonderful world of stories and creative imagination" - http://www.somabookcafe.com/soma-childrens-storytelling-hub-online-fundraiser-please-have-a-look/



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