Saturday, February 24, 2018

She Was Just a Girl


On that fateful day
She was going about her business
Her head held high
Almost touching the sky
Perfect for a bullet astray 
Aargh, she was just a girl

Though seated in a daladala
She didn't carry a banner 
To be confused with a marcher
Just an innocent dreamer
Her weapon? Not a panga 
Nor was she a gunner
Oh, she was just a girl

Yes, she was armed 
Indeed heavily armed
But only with dreams
Dreams that flew above the clouds
But she kept her feet on the ground
Until the bullet went through her skull
Only then she bravely succumbed
Oh, she was just a girl 

Now she's forever gone
But will never be forgotten
For her blood never shed in vain
And for the shooter who fled in shame?
Our pain is plain
We want justice! We want justice!

I see a nation in grief
The abomination is real
But let this be a reminder 
A bloody nagging reminder
That a poet is not voiceless
Unlike gold life is priceless
Can't be sold or bought
Be that of a toad or an owl 
And for every soul lost this way 
Sown are seeds of greater freedom
Oh, she was just a girl

©Muhidin Shangwe, 2018

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