Thursday, April 12, 2018

Ma Winnie Mandela: Child of the Soil

Ma Winnie Mandela: Child of the Soil

Born of a woman
Marked by color
Fighting for liberation
Deep in Soweto

Wrinkled by Apartheid
Forged in a turbulent time
From Kroonstad
To Sharpville

A mother of the nation
Daughter of the people
A sister of the African
Shero of the struggle

Your people shall govern
The land and the mines
In the depth of Marikana
And the heart of the veldts

Hamba Kahle Ma Winnie
Child of the soil
Umkhonto we Sizwe
A South African soul

© Chambi Chachage @Udadisi
* Photo courtesy of Kgalee Art @TheKgalee + @kgalee_art

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