Tuesday, July 23, 2019

A Letter from Within

A Letter From Within

Hello there, it has been a long time since we had our small conversation.
I was checking on you to see if you're happy and still do what you love the most in this life.
Do you still smile like you used to do or you're just faking your sweet smile?

Did you find the love you were looking for, or you have just decided to move on?
Is your mom still calling you every morning to see if you're okay? Or she just waits for your call?

Do you still get emotional whenever you see a romantic movie? 
Do you still like to make people happy and help those in need or you have also become heartless like the other people we know?
Do you still cry whenever you feel like everything is not well?
Are you still trying to prove that you can be someone in this world or you're just being you?

Dear, I remember you used to like singing, do you still do it or you're just killing yourself by faking what you really are?
I remember you used to have a lot of dreams, do you still have them or you're just trying to fulfill other people’s dreams?

I know you can be everything you wish for, but please be humble, you don't know how many people you're inspiring.

Honey, please try to find the happiness you deserve, you are too young to be empty because you have a lot of love to give everyone around you.

If I could meet the people who are around you today, I will tell them to love you more than they can cause you deserve it.

It's time for people to pay back even a quarter of what you have given them.
Darling, I know that things will be better and you will be okay, trust me the future is so promising but please don't give up on yourself.

Please remember to pray, because you will get the tranquility you need, please don't be harsh to yourself because it will not take you anywhere.

Poetess, do you still write poems or you have just found another passion?

I remember you used to have friends but I can't remember that you had a best friend. Am I correct?

I know you can be stubborn, but please find friends who will talk good things about you even in your absence.

Do you still stay at home and lie that you're working on something so you will not go out?
Please don't ! 
You should go out have fun with your family and friends. 
Life is meant to be lived, and celebrated.
 It is a short, adventurous journey. 
Live, Love, Learn, Laugh and enjoy the moments.

Sweetheart, please take time to spend with your mother, because she loves you more than anything, please be kind to her. 
She went through a lot to bring the best out of you, so that I would find the you that I know. 
Don't take that sacrifice for granted.

Baby, I know you missed your Dad but it's time to accept that he is gone. 
You should move on and stop waiting, he is not coming back.

I know you and him were very close but please move on, he is gone! 
You will never see him again and remember to pray for him, because he will always be there for you in spirit.

Sweetie, there's a lot of people who love you. 
Please don't push them away, but remember that others will take advantage of you, don't let them do it again.

Soulmate, please don't ever change the beautiful soul you have because this world needs people like you.

Please share this to the people you love maybe they will understand you well. 

I will send another letter next time.


Zahara Tunda Within You

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